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You Can Trust Luxe Landscaping for Residential and Commercial Landscaping Services in Dallas/Fort-Worth, TX

Are you looking for top-quality landscaping services in Dallas/Fort Worth? Try Luxe Landscapes. Whether its drainage or weeding, lawn maintenance, custom irrigation systems, or installing artificial turf, we have tremendous experience in all aspects of landscaping solutions. We'll ensure your lawn looks great for a very reasonable price.


For top-quality landscaping services in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, turn to the professionals at Luxe Landscapes. We understand the hardest part of beginning your landscaping project is selecting the right landscaping company. Our company has built a solid reputation when it comes to understanding our customers’ needs.  In addition to this, we bring a winning combination of price, quality of work, and confidence. Contact us to get a free estimate. We typically respond to all requests within 24 hours!


Part of our success comes from our ability to demonstrate creativity where others are practical. We also carry this ability in pricing. We offer competitive rates within the Dallas, Fort Worth, and nationwide landscaping community, yet affordable prices. No need to fear the cost of a job – we want to accomplish your dream, not ruin it. We offer flexibility for our Dallas, Fort Worth, and nationwide landscaping customers to fit their budget by presenting numerous payment options. You can get more information from one of our dedicated Dallas, Fort Worth, and nationwide landscaping sales team members. And since your dream landscape is unique from everyone else’s, the services featured below are just the starting point for your own custom program.


Our services include:

  • Residential & Commercial Lawn Maintenance

  • Artificial Turf installation and maintenance

  • Irrigation Installation & Repair

  • Water Conservation

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Individualized fertilizer

  • Weed Control Programs


Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation quote

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